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A musician hailing from the state of Bahia, Brazil, Toninho’s musical journey was deeply rooted in the local popular dance rhythms of his hometown. His unwavering passion for genres like Forró, Afro-brasileiros, Bossa-Nova, and Samba ignited his artistic calling. He embarked on a rigorous musical education and eventually became a distinguished instructor at the Academy of Modern Music in Bahia.

 After relocating to France, Toninho made his mark on the Brazilian music scene with a string of notable albums, including “Violeta 41” (2001), “Mitade” (2004), “Deu Forró no Samba” (2014), “Intact” (2017), and most recently, “Desligado” (2021).

 At the tender age of 17, Toninho’s musical exploration led him to the vibrant urban culture of Rio de Janeiro, where he acquired his first guitar and began crafting his own compositions. His creative journey continued as he ventured to São Paulo, where, in addition to making music, this versatile artist authored his debut poetry book, “A vida de querer vida” (The life of desiring life). Toninho also dabbled in theater and graced the stage with numerous concerts, including some alongside the legendary Gilberto Gil.

 In 1990, he embarked on an international adventure, settling in Paris and Lille, France. There, he shared his expertise in dance, guitar, and percussion while actively participating in a multitude of musical projects. This includes the creation of five albums and the innovative “Slambolada” project.

Toninho Almeida has taken his captivating performances on tour across European and Brazilian cities, captivating audiences far and wide. His artistic journey continues with the promise of four forthcoming new albums.

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