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A musician from the state of Bahia in Brazil, Toninho Almeida grew up with the music of local popular dances. At 17, he discovered the vibrant urban culture of Rio de Janeiro, which deeply influenced him.

He bought his first guitar and started to write his first compositions. He then published his first poetry book: ‘A vida de querer vida’ (The life of wanting life). Passionate about the rhythms of Forró, Afro-brasileiros, Bossa-Nova, and Samba, Toninho Almeida confirmed his artistic vocation through formal music education and became a teacher at the Academy of Modern Music of Bahia. He also performed in theater and music concerts, including some openings for Gilberto Gil.

Toninho Almeida has been living in France since 1990 and has been actively participating in collective musical projects, such as the ‘Slambolada Project’. He has established himself on the European and international Brazilian artists’ scene with the albums Violeta 41 (2001), Mitade (2004), Deu Forró no Samba (2014), Intact (2017), and Desligado (2021).

He is now back with an innovative musical project : Releasing his four upcoming albums as monthly singles.

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