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Deu Forro No Samba

Deu Forró no Samba is a journey through Brazilian northeastern music. The album features a great variety of rhythms such as Forró, Xote, Baião, Xaxado, Coco, Samba, Cantoria, Repente, Galope and Embolada. A restyled type of Forró where French and Portuguese perfectly blend into each other. In other words : An international Forró.


1/ Fim de mundo

2/ Ma messe à moi

3/ deu FORRO no SAMBA

4/ Beleza

5/ Tà tufo

6/ For All

7/ Jamais so

8/ Rica infancia

9/ Encontro

10/ Avec elle

11/ Redencao

12/ Why not

13/ Teus Olhos

14/ Vindo

15/ Xote das 4 notas