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The “Intact” album has a lot of history… Most of the songs were written during the time Toninho was studying music at the Academy of Modern Music (Academia Música Atual) of Bahia, in Salvador. The project is filled with many different music styles, such as Bossa Nova and Jazz, not to mention the influence of Tropicalism. Three decades later, after he lived in Europe for more than 20 years, Toninho moved to his new studio to bring up some instrumentals to his songs that always resonated and that should be recorded, listened to, and shared. , Samba-Funk. At the time they were written, no song had a chorus, as they were added during the updating work that preceded the recordings.”


1/ Traduzindo

2/ Ras le bol ft. Florence Vincenot

3/ Pés no chao

4/ Flor Roxa

5/ Artimanha

6/ La blonde

7/ Bis Free

8/ Nu

9/ Simples

10/ Ainda Feliz ft. Julio Guimataes

11/ Joia

12/ Intact

13/ Abaeté ft. Julio Miranda

14/ Sozinho